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They call me the Ninjawriter


I currently reside in the sunny state of Orlando.  I'm a trained brand ambassador and I am great with people!  My imagination is one of my stronger suits.  I have this infatuation with Peter Pan.  (I was afraid to grow up).  I haven't even really grown up.  I work at a magical place and I also work at a place where I get to scare people as a zombie.


I am a movie lover.  I love watching my old 80's VHS tapes (still hard to program those VHS Players), Power Rangers, TMNT and old dance moves.  I write like a crazy in-love poet that plays video games and loves to play pranks.


For those more serious types you can skip to this portion.  I try to keep it real as possible.  I hope that we can work together like Captain Planet and the Planeteers.  More to come!

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Kimberly Hipp - The Feminine Touch
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Hello, everyone. I am Kimberly Hipp. I’m a web and graphic designer, photographer, and basic web developer. I was born and raised in Florida and have recently graduated from the University of Central Florida. I have connections to the Disney and Universal parks, so I get to go pretty often.

I'm a big fan of movies, especially animation. I also like reading stuff that makes me laugh, feel, and think. My favorite things to write about here are things I hope will get people curious enough to check them out, whether it's an old movie or a favorite author. I'm always looking to expand on my interests and would love to have others do the same when they see my articles.

I'm very casual and easy going. I usually find something good in everything I experience and try focusing on the positives.

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