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What we do

Writer/Photographer/Dance Instructor/Jedi (in Training)
Experience in this strange world.
Poetry and writing

Congratulations!  You've found me!  If you are ever in need of a writer/photographer or need to dance I can help you out!

I never really grew up.  I'm a strange person in an even stranger world.  I'm definitely unique and an Anime fan.

I've started writing at a young age.  My very first book (Ryan's Time Machine) was a start for me.  It was a stepping stone for me.  I've contributed to several magazines.  Writing is my favorite hobby.

Dancing Background
Bedroom DJ

I'm a DJ. Remixit.

I was fortunate enough to not only have my parents but also my grandparents to take care of me.  My grandparents are like local celebrities in their neighborhood and were constantly invited to different parties.  Filipino parties often had dancing.  Even Birthdays and regular get-togethers.  Which lead me to be a classically trained ballroom dancer.

I'm a nerd! Yes it's true!


Lord of the Rings, Alien and 4chan.

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